Terms & Conditions

1. Payment – We take 100% advance payment of the quotation we send you, no products will be dispatched on credit or on partial payment.

2. Refunds – We make sure whenever we get an order that we try our best to fulfil it, under some unfortunate circumstances sometimes we have to cancel an order based on non-availability of the product or due to damage in the product. We assure you to refund the full amount within 3 working days in your account if any such situation arises.

3. Return/Exchange – We do not accept returns in any cases. We have to keep this policy strict because the brands we deal with do not accept returns from us. We check the products for damage or defect before dispatching it. If we find any product defected we get it exchanged from the brand.

4. Product differs from the image shown on our website - This point differs from brand to brand, some brands are genuinely designing products and getting their shoot done which results in 100% similar product to what is shown in the image where else some brands are making 1st copies of Pakistani brands. We will inform you before you pay for any order if the product you are buying will be same as shown in the picture or will differ. The decision to pay will be solely yours and we will not be considering any return or exchange if you decide to pay.

5. Non-Catalogue/Non-branded products – Non-catalogue and non-branded products can differ from what they are shown in the image uploaded on our website. We will inform you before you pay that there can be some changes in the product. We are not responsible to take returns or to exchange such order once you decide to pay for them.

6. Cancellation – Orders once paid for cannot be cancelled. We have to pay upfront to the brands to book any order. The brands strictly don’t refund or give us store credit. Hence, we have to make sure that we don’t cancel any order with the brand.

7. Shipping – We have partnered with several shipping companies, as soon as your order is shipped we will provide you with the tracking number. Any delay in shipping after we have shipped it from our office is not in our hands, we will make sure to take a regular follow up in such cases. If due to any reason the parcel is sent back to us we will ship it back to you the moment we get it. Orders cannot be cancelled by the customer in such cases.

8. Lost Shipment – In any case of lost shipment we will refund the full amount of the parcel to the customer once the shipping company has declared it lost. The time period in such cases is extended, customers are requested to co-operate and wait till we get a confirmation of the parcel being lost by the courier partners.

9. International Shipping – We are unaware of the exact weight of the products. When we get an international enquiry we charge the customer an approximate of what we think will be the total weight. There can be a possibility of the parcel being of extra weight than what we have charged for or can be of lesser weight than what we have charged for from the customer. In such cases the customer will be shown the exact weight of the products and if we have charged for extra weight we will give the customers a store credit for their next purchase and if we have charged less for the product weight we will ask the customer to pay the due amount prior to shipping. This will be a genuine process. Customers will be given an image of the total weight of the products before we dispatch from our office.

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